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When you grow up living an adventure, the stories flow… Throw yourself into one man’s incredible journey, and you might just find the inspiration you’ve been looking for…In 1968, four-year-old Adam stepped off the Geest boat with his mother, father, and two older sisters. A life in Barbados awaited him… and it was a far cry from the city life the family had known in London.The family nurtured a growing hobby farm and set root on the island. Young Adam was sent back to boarding school in London, flying back twice a year to the place he truly felt was home.But home or not, growing up on the island instilled in him a zest for life and a hunger for adventure, and as he grew up, he took every opportunity to find it.A love of motorcycles took him on wild adventures across North America and left him with many more stories to tell… but Barbados always called him back, and it would eventually be where he made his home.Of course, no great adventure is complete without heartache, and as his parents aged and eventually passed on, he found new struggles to contend with. But their passion for nature and adventure lived on within him and continued to fuel his determination to live a rich and story-filled life.Looking back on his adventures, Adam realized he had incredible stories to share… and that’s exactly what he does in this captivating account of his journey. Inside this unique memoir of adventure and growth, you’ll discover:An exciting childhood filled with animals, adventure, and a freedom every young boy cravesA unique insight into what life is like growing up as an English boy in BarbadosWriting so rich in detail and color that you’ll really feel like you’re thereAn eclectic mix of storytelling, poetry, reflection, and memoir that paints a full picture of life on the island… and beyondThe motorcycle adventure of a lifetime (and one it will be hard not to take inspiration from)Full-color photographs that bring the whole adventure to lifeHeartwarming stories of friendship and family woven through the entire narrativeOpen and honest accounts of the harder times – as well as the fun onesA thirst for travel and adventure that will inspire you to find the stories in your own lifeAnd much more.Whether you’re on a quest for adventure yourself or you simply love hearing about the rich tapestry of stories the world has to offer, this is a compelling and inspiring read.Settle back and dive into an alternate reality as you follow Adam’s adventures and taste life on a beautiful Caribbean island… and beyond…If you love stories, adventure, and a narrative you can truly lose yourself in, scroll up and click “Add to Cart” right now.

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Language : English

ISBN : 1778155413

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Editor & Date : Blue Bear Publishing Ltd. (December 23, 2022)

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