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The design of buses and coaches is constantly changing as new technology is developed and environmentally friendly and emission-related legislation evolves. In addition to more traditional vehicles, there are now choices between hydrogen-powered hydroliners, all-electrics, vehicles with electric driving mirrors and fully autonomous buses.In this extremely colourful and diverse book, Richard Walter takes you on a photo-filled trip round the world to explore how buses and coaches are changing and how older vehicles have adapted to meet the demands of operators. Jump on board to explore how things are evolving in recent years from the wilds of the Western Isles and the big UK cities like London, York, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Glasgow to exotic locations such as pink-sanded Bermuda, sunny Tenerife, busy Hong Kong and spectacular New York.The book also looks at some of the many demonstrators that operators have evaluated and how new products have been launched at events such as the annual UK Coach Rally in Blackpool and the Euro Bus Expo.

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Details of Book

Author : Richard Walter

Language : English


Number of pages :

Editor & Date : Amberley Publishing (September 13, 2022)

↓↓ (EBOOK) PDF Download The Bus and Coach Today PDF KINDLE EPUB EBOOK ↓↓