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The automobile industry is on the cusp of a disruption of massive proportions. The wheels which take us from one place to another are going to be turned by a very different force than what we take for granted. The ubiquitous internal combustion engine (ICE) faces its nemesis for the first time in history. The dawn of Electric Vehicles has arrived. Are you prepared for the change ? The change is already happening. And fast. The year 2018 ended with sales of over 2.2 million light duty electric vehicles (EVs) across the globe, a jump of 64% over 2017. EV sales in 2017 had crossed the 1 million mark for the first time ever, 58% higher than 2016. This book traces the history of EVs, gives a peep into the technology behind electric vehicles and explores the impact of EVs on the environment, oil demand and automobile dealerships. It gives a glimpse of global automakers’ plans for transition to electric mobility, including of course, a whole chapter on Tesla. The global outlook for EVs is very bright, with China dominating in terms of EV volumes and Norway leading in EV market share. Both these country markets are discussed in this book, followed by the scenario in India. Some guidelines for EV buyers and information on popular electric car models are also included in the book.

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