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Many thousands of different types of vehicles were used by the armies during the Second World War for various roles, including the fighting vehicles such as armoured cars and tanks. Today these are very popular with enthusiasts who restore these historic vehicles to their pristine state and attend specialist gatherings around the country and across Europe. This interest extends to America where there are many owners of historic vehicles. This book sets out to introduce some of the better known examples of these preserved vehicles and also some of those which are not so well known. This range includes trucks to keep the armies supplied, ambulances, motorcycles, armoured cars and of course the impressive range of tanks from the smallest to some of the largest. Some vehicles are so rare that examples have been recreated using original designs and together with the original vehicles their history is told in this book. From jeeps to tanks, landrovers to ambulances, this is the perfect book for recreating, restoring and exploring the history of these vehicles that were vital to the war effort.

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Details of Book

Author : John Norris

Language : English

ISBN : 1803990627

Number of pages :

Editor & Date : The History Press (November 24, 2022)

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