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An event as significant for Alfa Romeo enthusiasts as the reopening of the marque’s historic museum at Arese – held in 2015, the year in which Alfa celebrated its 105th anniversary – could hardly be celebrated without a book. The official catalogue of the new museum represents an opportunity to review the history of the marque and above all to accompany the reader/visitor around the new exhibition layout in which the cars have been thematically grouped and subdivided. The glorious racing cars (from the P2 to the 33 in all their variants, through to the less successful cars that competed in F1) are brought together under the section VELOCITA’ introduced by Alfa Romeo driver Nino Vaccarella, while cars such as the 1759, 8C 2900, 6C 2500, 1900, Giulietta and Alfetta, along with the most recent production models, illustrate the most important episodes in the Biscione’s industrial history in the TIMELINE section – introduced by American journalist Nick Czap. The section BELLEZZA – introduced by designer Lorenzo Ramaciotti, head of Style for the Fiat Group for years – focuses on the undisputed protagonists being cars such as the 33 Stradale, the Carabo and the Nuvola, milestones in the evolution of automotive styling. A specific chapter also features all those models that do not appear in the exhibition. The catalogue is an indispensable instrument for all those visiting this authentic temple of history, technology and culture.

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Author : Lorenzo Ardizio

Language : English

ISBN : 8879116495

Number of pages :

Editor & Date : Giorgio Nada Editore (December 20, 2022)

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